Solar Heat Pump
  • Solar Heat PumpSolar Heat Pump
  • Solar Heat PumpSolar Heat Pump
  • Solar Heat PumpSolar Heat Pump
  • Solar Heat PumpSolar Heat Pump
  • Solar Heat PumpSolar Heat Pump

Solar Heat Pump

Dwys Solar is a leading China Solar Heat Pump manufacturers and suppliers. Now, Hebei Dwys Solar Technology Co.,Ltd has mastered the new technology of concentrating solar energy and applying it to homes and industries. Give you a more power-saving, worry-free and safer home.

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Product Description

High quality Solar Heat Pump is offered by China manufacturers Dwys Solar. Buy Solar Heat Pump which is of high quality directly with low price.

Have you ever had such an experience? Turning off your heat every now and then during the heating season, or is the cost prohibitively high for an entire heating season? When you realize this is the time to make a change.

The official report of the European Commission pointed out: With the partial breakdown of Russia's natural gas supply, European natural gas inventories have fallen to historically low levels. Under such circumstances, how to ensure heating will become a huge demand pain point that Europe will soon face.

With the development of science and technology, the priority of natural gas as a limited energy source is far inferior to that of unlimited solar energy. It is time to adopt a heating solution that is efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and cheaper in the long run: solar heat pumps.
Solar heat pumps are mainly composed of photovoltaic panels, hosts, circulation pumps, water tanks, etc. The main function is to use solar energy to heat, cool, provide domestic hot water, and solve all temperature-related problems in the family.

More power saving: Photovoltaic direct drive system
The direct current generated by the solar panel is directly used to drive the components in the heat pump unit without secondary conversion, and the utilization rate is higher to achieve zero waste.

More worry-free: mains smart compensation
In rainy weather, when the sunlight is insufficient, the photovoltaic system provides part of the power supply, and intelligently uses the mains power to make up for it, ensuring the stable operation of the unit.
During the night, the photovoltaic system does not generate electricity, and all power is supplied by the grid. The energy consumption is equivalent to the high-efficiency direct current of solar panels to supply heat pumps.

Safer: Simple and easy to maintain
A solar heat pump is safe to use, poses no hazards, and has a small number of components, which reduces the chances of parts needing repairs. This allows it to last for years without maintenance.

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