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Working principle of low temperature air source heat pump (2)


In recent years, air source heat pumps have attracted much attention and are popular in the market. However, there are several factors that significantly affect the performance of air source heat pumps: first, under low ambient temperature conditions, the performance of air source heat pumps is significantly reduced; second, the frost problem during the heating process seriously affects energy efficiency. and reliability. In order to solve the above problems, many researchers and engineering technicians have invested a lot of energy in improving air source heat pump technology in recent years.

3. Save money

Since its power consumption is 1/4 of other heating, heating, and domestic hot water costs, it is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water or the same heating area. Using an air source heat pump, the electricity cost is only one-fourth of that of electric heating and heating. one. Calculated based on a family of 4, the normal hot water usage is about 200L/day. If it is heated by an electric water heater, the electricity bill will cost about 4 yuan/day, while the air source heat pump only costs about 1 yuan/day, which can be saved in a year. The electricity bill is about 1,000 yuan.

4. Green and environmentally friendly

Gas water heaters heat hot water by burning combustible gas, and at the same time emit large amounts of harmful waste gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The air-source heat pump only transfers the heat in the surrounding air to the water, completely achieving zero emissions and having almost no impact on the environment. It is a truly environmentally friendly water heater.

5. Low carbon fashion

Today, when energy conservation and emission reduction have become the trend of the times, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions is the most fashionable way of life. As mentioned earlier, the air source heat pump uses the inverse Carnot principle to transfer the energy in the air to the water instead of directly heating it with electric heating elements. Therefore, its energy efficiency can reach 4 times that of an electric water heater, that is, it can heat the same amount of hot water. , the power consumption is equivalent to a quarter of that of an electric water heater, which greatly saves power consumption. 70% of China's electricity is generated by burning coal in thermal power plants. Saving electricity means reducing carbon emissions.

The above is some information about our low-temperature air source heat pump. I hope you can refer to it. If we need to purchase and use an air source heat pump in the future, we must choose a suitable air source heat pump to use. Low temperature air source heat pump is a good type of heat pump

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