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Q:How much can electricity can you offset with a commercial installation?

A:With some commercial tariffs, the delivery charges are separate to the electricity cost, but in most cases we can still offset at least 65% of your costs.


Q:Do solar panels need maintenance?

A:Solar panels require no maintenance. If you have any issues with your system, contact us and we will correct it.


Q:Will my panels even work in bad weather?

A:Built from a mix of aluminum and glass, solar panels are waterproof and sturdy

When it’s colder, solar cells are more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity. And, snow and rain help clean dust and dirt from solar panels and they remain maintenance-free.


Q:Can snowfall cause issues with productions?

A:Solar panels are very slick and we only use black on black panels, which quickly absorb light from the sun and causes the snow to melt and slide off.


Q:What type of commercial roofs are best for solar?

A:Most types of roofs can accommodate commercial solar installation. For a flat roof, we generally install systems using a ballasted, non penetrative system.

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