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  • Find a huge selection of Solar Power System from China at Dwys Solar. In the current situation of global energy shortage and soaring prices, many countries have adopted preferential policies to encourage the development and application of solar energy technology. As a high-tech, solar power supply technology was first used in high-end applications such as aviation exploration.

  • Dwys Solar is a leading China Solar Heat Pump manufacturers and suppliers. Now, Hebei Dwys Solar Technology Co.,Ltd has mastered the new technology of concentrating solar energy and applying it to homes and industries. Give you a more power-saving, worry-free and safer home.

  • Dwys Solar is a leading China Solar Water Pump manufacturers and suppliers. What would happen if you lived in a developing country and needed water to irrigate your crops, but didn't have enough energy to do it? You can't simply flip a switch that connects to the grid. This is the time to harness the power of the sun, because solar power can change lives.

  • Dwys Solar is a leading China air source heat pump manufacturers. The solar power + air source heat pump unit developed by our company is a solar power direct drive heat pump unit. Based on the main engine of the full DC variable frequency heat pump, it is developed and researched. With the integration, intelligence and automation of electrical control as the basic core, the seamless connection between solar power and heat pump is realized.
    The technical route of this unit is solar power + air source heat pump. During the sunshine period, solar power power is used to directly drive the heat pump host to raise the temperature of the room. During the non-light period, electric energy or other energy sources are used to supplement and maintain the temperature, reducing user operating costs and emissions.

  • Dwys Solar is Absorption Heat Pump manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Absorption Heat Pump.

  • ​A New Generation of Waste Heating Pump Unit Heating Record
    In mid-November 2022, the office building of the factory in Hebei, China ushered in the winter heating season, and the indoor temperature was stable at around 25°C.

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